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Merry Christmas! My gift: Make money with me

Hello Money Makers! If you already know me, then you’re well aware that I’ve had a successful slot machine channel on YouTube for years now. In those videos, you’ll regularly see me spending lots of money playing high-limit slots in casinos. At first glance, many people think this is how I make a living, but it simply isn’t true. It’s just not possible to generate a long-term, consistent income from gambling on slots. Just like almost everyone else who plays, I end up losing far more than I make. I don’t play slots primarily to make money; I play primarily for fun! So, then, how do I make my real money to support my slot machine hobby, my lavish lifestyle, and my philanthropy? Well, I blogged about that extensively a while back, but even since then, I’ve been exploring day trading even more. I already spend a significant amount of each day doing trades online, and so far, I’ve done quite well. So, I thought, why not share my tips and secrets with all of you? Based on that premise, day trading will be the sole topic of my new, second YouTube channel, Raja Makes Money, which will release new content almost every single day, just as my original slot channel will continue to do, also. Raja Makes Money won’t officially launch until January 4, 2021, but you can see some early test content there now, if you’re curious.

And what exactly will happen on January 4? Well, that’s when I’ll be upping the ante: I’ll be investing FIVE MILLION DOLLARS into long-term day trading. The swings are going to be massive, and every Monday through Friday, I’ll stream a LIVE video to let you know my trading plans for the next business day (as well as my trading success on that current day). You can follow along as a spectator for a WILD ride, or you can invest your own money through your own channels and try to mimic the same trades I make. In fact, if you click here and become a Patreon member, I’ll post all of my trades in REAL TIME there (and only there), so that you can emulate my strategies even more closely, if you want to.

A word of caution, though: Investing in stocks, while certainly more reliable than gambling on slot machines, is still far from guaranteed to bring you financial success. It’s true: If you make the same trades that I make, while there’s no guarantee, you could make a lot of money! But there’s also a chance that you could lose it all. So, if you’re going to do investing (either with me, or on your own, without using my videos as a guide), then put aside your investment, and consider it gone. That’s what I’ve already done with my coming five million dollar investment – I’ve kissed it goodbye. But if I end up turning a profit (as I’m fairly confident I will), then that’s just gravy. Either way, I can afford to lose that five million and still live comfortably, so make sure that whatever your investment is, you can do the same. And if you don’t trust yourself to invest smartly, there’s honestly no shame in not investing at all, and instead just becoming a spectator on my channel, and watching what I do, without any personal risk to your finances whatsoever.

With that being said, I encourage all of you to keep coming back to my Raja Makes Money blog every week. In the coming months, we’ll talk about how each of my videos will go, how much money you should start with, getting out of a contract, what Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 mean, “rolling out up” and “rolling out down,” as well as a slew of other relevant topics. In a nutshell, I’ll walk you through the basics of day trading, geared specifically for the lay person. If you already know a lot about the market, you’ll still benefit, but if you know NOTHING, then this will be a great starting point. Whatever you decide, I hope you’ll join me – we’re going to have some highs together, and some lows together, but in the end, I’m confident we’ll all come out on top. When Raja Makes Money, we’ll ALL make money.

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