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Happy New Year! How each video will go

Happy New Year, Money Makers! Who’s ready to make some money this year? I know I am. That’s why I’m launching a new YouTube channel on January 4, called Raja Makes Money. If you haven’t heard the news yet, this new channel will focus entirely on my stock day trading/options trading, so you might want to take a moment and subscribe to it right now to see how I’ll be investing FIVE MILLION DOLLARS. Every Monday through Friday, I’ll live stream from that channel. And if you keep reading, this blog post will tell you exactly what to expect in each daily live stream. In a nutshell… First, I’ll ask: How much did we make today? Then, I’ll ask the more important question, how much will we make tomorrow?

So then, at the start of each video, I’ll let you know what my trading plans are for the next business day. That way, if you’re following along, and want to invest your own money in the same trades I’ll be making, you’ll have plenty of advance notice. However, it’s important to keep in mind that things could change after my live stream. My day trading (and most successful day trading) can change by the minute based on the possibility of changing market conditions. So, just because I announce tentative trading plans on a Wednesday doesn’t mean that I’ll definitely make those precise trades on the Thursday. There’s a good chance, but there’s no guarantee.

For a literal guarantee of all trades I makes as I make them, you’ll need real-time updates. And for real-time updates, you’ll need to join my Patreon group for $25 per month. I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again: This Patreon group is the only place where I’ll be posting screen shots of my real-time trades. So, if that’s of interest to you, then you’ll want to join.

And if not, that’s totally fine too. My daily live streams will still offer some good general direction as to what my tentative trading plans will be for the next business day. Additionally, these live streams will offer a daily recap about how much money I made or lost in the previous 24-hour period. This way, even if you’re not an investor yourself, you can still follow what I’m doing and see where my five million dollars takes me. (Obligatory disclaimer: If you are personally planning to invest, only invest what you can afford to lose! There is NEVER a guarantee that you, I, or anyone is going to profit from day trading; there is, of course, the possibility, that the entire initial investment could be lost.)

Another notable point: At least once per week, I’ll make a trade suggested by a fan (from my Patreon group). If you watch these daily live stream videos, then you’ll also get to see exactly where the fan suggestions take me.

Anyway, that will be the general format of each video: Next business day (tentative) trading plans, followed by a recap of how I just did, and a Patreon fan pick of the week. I have a feeling this is going to be exciting! So, I’ll hope to see you at my new channel soon.


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